Thursday, December 22, 2011

christmas time is here!!

this week and next week, the kids are on winter break. we have been relaxing, eating cookies, watching movies and packing! we are getting ready to leave for the lake tahoe area tomorrow. the whole family will be spending christmas together up at my sister in law's house in nevada. the kids are so excited to be going on a road trip. hopefully, it won't take so long for me to post about our vacation. i am sure there will be tons of fun times and great memories.

before school got out, i was again, able to spend time in both kids' classrooms for their christmas parties. in ellie's class, the gingerbread man and the grinch made appearances, and in jj's class, they did poems and played fun christmas games and did crafts. everyone had lots of treats and goodies. so much that they didn't want to eat lunch or much dinner that same day. that's when you know your kids have had too much sweets.

i hope everyone has a very merry christmas and has a wonderful vacation with their friends and family!


this year to celebrate our 10 year anniversary and my 30th birthday, we set up a little vacation with good friends of our in cancun, mx. we used my in-law's time share through palace resorts and stayed at the moon palace. it was absolutely amazing!! it was the best vacation we have ever taken. plus, i loved the idea of going someplace warm while it was windy and cold back home. it really felt like christmas wasn't around the corner.

we had a busy week while we were there, mostly filled with relaxing and fun things. we ate like queens and kings and had the best service of our life! we were pampered and spoiled because of the all inclusive resort. we used our resort credit to the max and had a fabulous week.

the boys golfed twice, we all had massages, mani's and pedi's, we went on an excursion to isla mujeres, swam with dolphins (except jesse, more about that to come), had a spa day filled with facials, wraps, and hot stone massages, we laid out by the beach and the pool, ate and drank ourselves silly, danced until our feet ached, had the hotel turn on the jacuzzi just for us, had a romantic lobster dinner by the ocean, spent an entire day offroading, zip lining, swimming in caves, and enjoying amazing friends!

we saw crocodiles on the golf course, just chilling next to the tee. kind of scary but cool at the same time. we had a minor traffic accident with the golf carts.

when we went to isla mujeres, we signed up for swimming with dolphins. we paid and were getting ready to go when i realized that jesse's swim trunks were not in the beach bag. i could've sworn i remember putting them in there that morning, but nope. nothing. so jesse wasn't able to go swimming with dolphins. i am not a snorkeling, swim with fish/dolphins, kind of girl. they freak me out! as excited as i was to be able to do this, i was extremely nervous and scared to be touching this 600 lb animal. the water was freezing, but i definitely warmed up to them once i got close to them. we had a boy and a girl there and the boy was too lazy to do most of the tricks. of course, we couldn't take our own pictures, so we relied on their photographer. end result was that the pictures were ridiculously expensive and therefore we have nothing to show of my time with the dolphins. maybe next time...

another great day was explor. it is a mini adventure park. we were able to paddle in boats inside caves with stalagmites and stalagtites, swim inside the caves and through waterfalls with real bats flying around and also sleeping on the ceiling (eww disgusting!), drove off road vehicles through the jungle, through rivers and inside pitch black caves. the highlight of the day was definitely the zip lining. we did 7 super long lines. it was scary bu amazing at the same time. our last zip line ended us in the water. such an amazing day!! again, no pictures to show because that's how they want to get your money at the end of the day.

we are so thankful to have been able to go on such an amazing trip with awesome friends. we are thankful for awesome family for helping us watch the kids while we were away. we are truly blessed to be living such a beautiful life.


both of the kids had thanksgiving feasts at school this year, so that last friday before break, i was running back and forth between the schools. jj needed to bring in stuffing, and ellie was bringing the turkey slices.

ellie's feast was so cute. each kindergarten class did turkey slices, pumpkin pie, cornbread, vegetables and fruit salad. they each were dressed as either a pilgrim or indian. then all the classes ate together at the feast. it was adorable to see the kiddos in the costumes.

jj's feast was pretty awesome too. they focused on food rather than the costumes. they had roasted turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, rolls, cranberry sauce, veggie tray and pumpkin pie. a very traditional feast. each grade level had their feast together. before their feast, the 3rd graders did their native american indian presentations. jj did a great job on his! it was so nice to be able to be there for both of their events.

i love that each of the kids in their classes already know me by name and are so happy to see me. it makes my day when they go out of their way to say hi!

my big 8 year old!

this year, my baby boy turned 8!! i absolutely can't believe it. he is growing too fast for me.

this year we celebrated with a low key party at red robin. we just had family and a few close friends. this year, jj was very blessed with the presents he got. he is still saving his money up from his birthday and christmas to buy something special. i don't have any idea what it could be, but obviously he does.

we love you so much baby! we are so proud of you and can't wait to see what God has in store for your life!

happy birthday!!